Going anywhere for the first time and meeting new people can be both intimidating and nerve-racking. We want your experience at First Baptist to be as welcoming and loving as possible! Here are a few common concerns people may have when visiting a new church for the first time:

How long is the service?

Our typical morning service starts at 11am and will normally last 45-60 minutes. Our music leader will lead the congregation in a few hymns or praise/worship songs to glorify our God. Hymnals are available in each pew, and lyrics will be included in the bulletins for any praise songs that may be planned for the service. After the music is completed, our pastor will share a hope-filled message from Scripture.

What is the culture like?

Here at First Baptist we are casual, relaxed, and loving. We invite everyone to come just as you are. Be warned, we have a few huggers! We strive to make every member and guest feel welcome and comfortable like part of the family.

What about my kids?

We currently offer one kids Sunday School class that we would love to expand into several classes. Our pastor tries to follow Jesus's example - he LOVES children! There is a nursery service available during morning worship if you would like to take your child there, or they are more than welcome to stay in the sanctuary with you.

What if I don't own a suit?

Again we say, Come as you are! You'll find the people at First Baptist will dress in many different ways, from suits to casual. We're not worried about how people dress, we just want people to come experience Jesus!

Where do I sit?

Anywhere! We've all been to those churches where people get mad over someone sitting in "their" seat. That's not us. You sit wherever you feel comfortable sitting, don't worry about taking anyone's "spot". We're all family here and we want you to be comfortable!